usdt接口( ends lower after 5-day winning streak

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usdt接(jie)口是{shi}使用“yong”TRC-20协{xie}议“yi”的‘de’Usdt第三〖san〗方支付《fu》平台‘tai’,Usdt收【shou】款《kuan》平(ping)台、Usdt自动充提 ti[平‘ping’台“tai”。免‘mian’费提供入金通道〖dao〗、Usdt钱「qian」包支付接口{kou}、Usdt自『zi』动【dong】充值‘zhi’接口 kou[、Usdt寄售回收。菜宝{bao}Usdt钱包「bao」一‘yi’键生成Usdt钱包『bao』、一‘yi’键调用API接口、一《yi》键出售Usdt。

,Falling oil prices on worries that demand for the commodity will take a hit from a possible recession affected the ringgit’s performance today, says *** yst. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, June 22, 2022.

THE ringgit snapped a five-day winning streak to close lower today due to profit taking, said an *** yst.

At 6pm, the local currency slipped against the greenback to 4.4050/4065 from yesterday’s close of 4.3945/3980.

The *** yst said the ringgit would continue to see volatility against its US counterpart as growing fears of a recession make market participants defensive, leading to a higher demand for safe-haven currencies.

“In addition, the falling oil prices on worries that demand for the commodity will take a hit from a possible recession, also weighed on the ringgit’s performance today,” he said.

At the time of writing, benchmark Brent crude oil stood at US$109.8 (RM483) per barrel.

However, the ringgit was traded higher against a basket of major currencies.

The local note appreciated against the British pound to 5.3966/3984 from yesterday’s close of 5.4035/4078 and strengthened versus the Singapore dollar to 3.1707/1722 from 3.1738/1768 previously.

It also rose against the euro to 4.6332/6348 from 4.6441/6478 yesterday and gained vis-a-vis the Japanese yen to 3.2392/2408 from 3.2448/2477. – Bernama, June 22, 2022.

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